Girls + DC Day 1

last week was a blast! it was my second time around in DC and this time it’s for an official business. anyways, just to make life easier, try picturing Sheraton Hotel, 2 double beds, plasma TV, a laptop, 4 girls, 1 big city, free shuttle to mall, Malaysian food, cherry blossoms, crazy taxi fares and one goal-scholarship.


1. Boston Logan International Airport. i was waiting to board at the terminal. anxious to meet with them girls. and then i got a text message from eva saying that she’s also boarding soon and that we’re gonna have asian food tonight! that girl, haha…i was thinking, where in the world are we gonna get asian food from? munched 6 teeny weeny peanut butter crackers while waiting. yum yum!


2. American flag flying high. one thing i noticed here in the States is that the Star-Spangled Banner can be seen almost everywhere. proud nation, wished more Jalur Gemilang are being put up. even the Toyota car dealer here has a flag put up. symbol of pride i guess.


3. i was seated in between 2 grown man who were both tall and big. the flight was so packed that no seats were left. i was lucky to be able to book it cos when my host mum did the booking, it was the last seat! i chatted a bit with the man on my left and he was very nice to me. helped me with my luggage and all. overall, good flight. cotton candy clouds and blue blue skies!


4. in the cab from Dulles Airport to meet the girls at Sheraton National. sarah loaned me this purse and i really like the size and design. thinking of getting one soon since we didn’t have enough time in DC, not to mention cash too. lol. called diane and texted eva. they were both waiting for me at the hotel lobby and i was excited to get there!


5. still on my way to Sheraton and i took a lot of pictures to fit in my ‘on the go’ folder. this was in a tunnel. love brightly lit tunnels. somehow, i don’t know why. and i was also relieved that my flight from Boston to DC went well.


6. my first encounter with cherry blossoms! how amazingly beautiful. and after that i continued snapping more photos of cherry blossoms for the rest of my stay cos i just can’t get enough of it. haha. i think this is when eva says “cos i’m awesome like that”. lol.


7. this is what greeted us after our flights and some misconception. i freakin’ went to the wrong sheraton. when i was there, i didn’t see eva or diane and i was starting to think that something’s wrong. i asked the front desk and they printed me a map of the correct sheraton national cos there seems to be a few sheratons around. the cab driver told me that this happens all the time haha, so it’s not my fault! cos i showed the driver the correct address. i asked for a second cab and they gave me a limo! silly me didn’t realize that too except for the fact that it’s gold and wicked huge! haha, quite obvious isn’t it? and then i met eva from arkansas and diane from indiana. we checked in our rooms and chatted while waiting for nilo to arrive from connecticut. when we met her at the lobby, she gave us a big hug. aww…


8. when i found out from eva and diane that we can hop on a free shuttle bus to pentagon city mall for dinner and the rest of our stay, i was so happy + excited! shopping in DC? c’mon! aww, eva’s not in this photo cos she snapped it. this is the third attempt and everyone was looking at us girls taking photo with the shuttle bus. lol.


9. but we just laughed it off and proceeded with more photos haha. all of us!


10. candid by eva. <3 the effect of the lights!


11. and then we saw cherry blossoms and spent a good fifteen minutes outside taking photos with it. cos it’s so pretty like us right!


12. amazing people with amazing cherry blossoms!


13. see even diane is amazed by it.


14. thought they would look much prettier in the morning. still gorgeous.


15. i think we screamed a little when we saw this. no, who says we’re jakun?!


16. hmm, interesting eh? trees inside?


17. 1,2,3 snap.


18. i certainly didn’t know shaving is an art!


19. and we camwhored more and finally decided time for dinner! hungry hungry.


20. nilo did a video on this but the lady circled in white was so rude, she told her son to grab our chairs evnthough eva and nilo told her son that the seat is taken cos diane and i were at taco bell buying dinner. guess she tak sabar nak makan. i  mean look at her, you know…


21. eva finally got her wish! she and nyss had panda express and they were gone for so long diane and i almost finished our dinner. we found out that the mall closes at 9pm! *shock in disbelief* tried to eat faster but of course we took pics too haha.


22. eva being fed by diane. she was kinda disappointed with the sweet & sour pork. but look at how cute she is!


23. we were trying to snap an ugly photo of nilo eating but she takes good pictures even when she’s eating noodles! omg. how now no ugly shot to show mr.a


24. diane and her signature pose while eating. yo will see why i say this later on.


25. my first chicken quesadilla from taco bell. yummy i tell you!


26. see what eva’s shirt says? that’s what we did for the next half an hour. she’s really into shopping, she even has a shirt on that. haha.


27. at forever 21 woohoo!


28. err, okay…so much for a $2.50 garment.


29. she didn’t buy that purple jeans in the end.


30. i look constipated but eva looks hawt, so whatever. we waited for 15 minutes at the cashier and found out later that it was at another place. argh.


31. one more shot before the shuttle arrives. too bad we blocked the police car.


32. back at the hotel and getting back to our room.


33. happy people in an elevator.


34. happy people exit elevator and saw a big mirror. snap!


35. look at all our smiles! darlie commercial…


36. our room so big!


37. mirror mirror on the wall


38. we sang kau ilhamku and called it a day. slept at 12 am cos we had an interview the next day, couldn’t stay up too late. diane kept singing my heart and was complaining about how late it is yet she was still awake. we planned what time each of us are gonna get up and shower. haha and if you ask if we’re nervous for the next day? i guess we were but we didn’t discuss much at all except for listening to malay songs. it was so funny and sweet!


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  1. 1 Girls + DC Day 1 « Miss Fiona | Limousine Service Boston Trackback on April 6, 2009 at 9:42 pm

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