Saying Goodbye

so we all had to leave on a saturday which is 04/04/09. diane and eva both woke up earlier cos they had earlier flights. the night before all of us were so tired, we didn’t really say much to each other. and the next morning was just a breeze. when eva woke nilo and i up, she and diane were both all set to leave the room. all dressed up and packed. for a little while, it was a blur. then it hit me, another 3 months till i see them girls. sob. we really enjoyed this trip and sharing this room. singing songs and laughing at stories. aww. miss you guys. <3


1. nilo and i. two sleepyheads who are both slow in shower. haha.


2. it was freakin windy that day.


3. bye bye nice room. i got up and showered. packed and ate our leftovers from last night’s malaysian dinner for breakfast. hot sambal early in the morning. lol. nilo was still packing up when i was done. so i went to the lobby and checked out first. was gonna meet her at the lobby before we leave.


4. anxiously waiting for nilo cos i was afraid that she wouldn’t make it down in time. i was waiting for my cab and it was coming very soon because i had told the front desk i needed one to the airport. texted her and saw her coming out of the elevator. two seconds later, her shuttle arrived! woah timing man! my cab was out there waiting for me. we hugged quickly and said our goodbyes. i got into the cab and that was it. short and quick.


5. felt a heartache cos i just paid $62 for my ride from sheraton to dulles int. airport. quite a lot of people in line and i was waiting for these people to check their bags. and UNITED is hiring a lot of staff who can’t seem to speak english well. or is it just me who can’t seem to understand their mexican/latin/iranian kinda accent? okay whatever.


6. had to go through security and take a tram to the boarding terminal. glad that everything went well. if you can speak and read english, all will be fine. all you have to do is ask, look and think.


7. i’ve been wanting this like in forever! found it at BORDERS after i got down from the tram and was walking around the terminals before boarding time. bought two keychains and a few postcards there too. awww marley. haven’t got around to reading it yet. soon. will do that when we drive to maine and new york city next week. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk can’t wait!!!


8. UNITED not bad. but their stewardesses can never beat malaysian ones. i wonder if they actually set an age limit for their flight attendants cos some of them look old and wrinkly. haha. malaysian flight attendants are so pretty and elegant with their hair and makeup all done. way to go MAS!


9. increasing speed.


10. taking off soon.


11. from above


12. this time around i got a seat by the exit, so it was comfy and huge. more leg room.


13. higher and higher


14. to a point where it got so foggy that all i see is white white white. like in heaven. turbulence arghh.


15. now i know why the hair stylist said my hair is not black. hmph. *grumpy* i want my hair to be black okay. yes my hair is black. it’s just the stupid lighting. *hopes hair is truly black*

about an hour and a half later, i arrived safely in Boston Logan Airport. glad to be back and meet my host parents. then we drove two hours to get home. safe and sound in new hampshire. sighhhh. but man, DC is awesome. can’t wait to go there again. when i got back to school, everyone asked “so, how was DC?” and i said “great cherry blossoms haha, that probably summed up my second trip to DC” and they go “aaahh, i know what you mean” haha and i will be going there again. i was told that’s probably more than anyone around here has been to DC in their lifetime. yes, i know i am lucky. *smiles*


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