Dress Hunt

so, prom is in 3 weeks time and it’s time to hunt for dresses!

it did not occur to me until i went to try them on. that this is probably my first official time trying on dresses. seems pretty unbelievable for someone so girly who likes dressing up and all that. but yeah, it’s true. i guess part of the reason is i’ve always worn hand-me-downs lol. and also because i never really had any formal event to attend, seldom buy clothes except when chinese new year is around the corner and maybe cause i’m so indecisive and have this stupid ‘guilt’ feeling after buying something which is not a necessity. but, guess what?! i bought almost everything i needed and wanted and still managed to stay below my allocated budget. *proud*

the night before, i took my piggy bank (not that i have one, just to make it sound cute) okay, i took my envelope out and counted the $$ i have. listed down everything i need and all my future major expenses till the end of june. and then i came out with my budget list. that i shall not spend more than $70 for my dress and $80 for accessories including bracelet, earrings, hair, makeup(eyeshadow, eyeliner, curler, brushes, blusher, this and that). well, you know, newbie using makeup, i don’t own any of those except for an eyeshadow palette worth RM1.75, eyeliner and mascara. that was all. and i needed to buy all those extra crap cos i wouldn’t pay freakin’ $50-$100 to get my hair and makeup done. no way. besides, after buying all those i can use in the future. great plan right? haha.

i tried on a total of 15 dresses, i think. it was tiring i tell you! burns calories like mad. i don’t know why but seriously, it was hard work to fit in those dresses cause most of them don’t have zips! wth! and they are long and heavy and draggy and yadda yadda. i saw so many colors but white never fail to catch my eyes. i never really thought of buying white cos it’s wedding-ish but i ended up with guess what?! whiteeeeeee. yes, i know.

but! i’m so happy with my purchase and this is one of those moments where you don’t think back and kept saying to yourself ‘oh why didn’t i buy that dress?!’ this is when you say, ‘ahhh i made a good choice’. in my very humble opinion, it’s much much cheaper than i thought it’d be and the size is perfect for me. do you have any idea how challenging it was to try and find a size that fits well top and bottom and around and also have the right length? since i’m short that makes it even harder to find a long elegant dress in USA!

but i got it anyways, size 3 for $65! SEE, BELOW MY $70 budget! YAY!

everyone kept saying how pretty my dress is.

eeeeeekkkkk *grins smiles with teeth showing*

and there will be a gazillion pics coming up right after this.

ps: im not posting the dress i bought! hahahah surprise surprise…


1. i know this is white too but this is not the one.


2. the pleats make me look like i am pregnant but then as i tried each dress i went out of the fitting room and there’s this lady out there waiting for her daughter. she said the dress looks amazing on me. i said i think i look pregnant lol. and she told me, nooo you’re way too tiny to be. wth?! i’m tiny???


3. it’s kinda simple and it has a ribbon on the back which i thought made the dress less formal. so…


4. i still think i look fat in this. like 3 months pregnant.


5. photoshopped this.


6. very young flirty color but i don’t like the bottom part of it.


7. see what i mean? too coktail party like.


8. i like how my nails look like here :)


9. i don’t really own many pink stuff. hmm. pink is quite nice sometimes.


10. this is too huge that’s why i’m holding it up. i tried it cos it’s $40 and when i looked at the tag again, it’s written size 5. pfft. no wonder.


11. hmm looks kinda nice here except for the bottom part. like a curtain! haha.


12. then we went into this boutique and picked out and expensive dress which we obviously  have no intentions of buying and tried it on. haha.


13. looks like it’s more suitable for a birthday party or something.


14. am i tiny?


15. rich color.


16. really liked the beading. made in india.


17. apparently empire waist dresses are the ‘in thing’ for prom this year.


18. stretchy fabric, not really what i like. but the black and white on the top makes it kinda stand out.


19. i know, i know. i have a square face.


20. very simple dress.


21. look at this! super super long and i’m already wearing my 3 inch heels! how can?! it’s green like the xmas grinch. haha go green okay. and it’s $40 and it’s long. that’s why i tried it. but it goes to show me again that ‘good thing no cheap, cheap thing no good’. lmao.


22. the bust part has no shape/definition whatsoever. weird?


23. grinch attacks high school prom. LOL.


24. seriously not made for short asians like me. haha.


25. playing with photoshop. hehe.


26. short dress. everything that’s not right with this dress doesn’t show in this photo. weird cutting. good price. only $30. ooh i just noticed pleats again!!


27. see my unhappy face? me no likey although it’s cheap.


28. yellow banana-nana.


29. nothing too special about this one though.


30. the strap has fake diamonds. that’s special haha.


31. last dress i tried. not much emphasis on the waist.

at last i made up my mind and made my purchase. lovely dress is now hanging in my closet. and it turned out that it’s always always the first one you like that ends up being the one you get. how unsurprising.

just another typical story of how people fall in love with the first ***** and go in search for others only to end up getting the first one back. you can do that with dresses and houses and cars. but can you do that to relationships?


10 Responses to “Dress Hunt”

  1. 1 mrred April 22, 2009 at 12:15 am

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

  2. 2 AmeliaPhua April 29, 2009 at 2:05 am

    fi, u look every bit as amazing as i rmbed u to beeee!!(shrieks)
    u look good in da first white one..
    tho i do agree dat u do look pregnant..
    but da side view is totally breathtakin!!
    i cant believe there isn’t any guy hopelessly in love wit u..
    there will be..
    u see la..
    durin prom time..
    everyone will be askin u to dance..
    (day dreams)
    yea, man!!


  3. 4 AmeliaPhua April 29, 2009 at 2:08 am

    oh, yea..
    speakin of prom..
    ICPU has one in june..
    but its meant for those june intake last year..
    but almost every1 is goin..
    cause for jan intake, usually no prom in dec..
    so, i don kno whether i shud go anot..
    really really indecisive, man..
    i wish u were here, den v cud go together..
    n yes, its opened to public..
    so, u CAN go..
    well, i hope to talk to u soon..
    cause i’m DYING to see ur dress..
    n i wana hear ur opinion on whether i shud attend prom anot..

    take care!


    • 5 Fiona April 29, 2009 at 6:52 pm

      cool! u should totally go!!!
      since almost everyone is going, you should join in the fun too, you know dress shopping and stuff like that. aww why don’t they have prom in dec? i wish i could go with u too! <3

      lol hope to talk to u too…

  4. 6 Nyss May 5, 2009 at 10:43 am

    you look soooo pretty, as always! =)
    anyway, the pink dress looks nice on you..
    and I like the embroidery work on the purple dress..if it was long and had an empire cut, it’d be perfect..
    I wanna see your prom dress lar, woman!
    and who’s your date? or still looking?

    • 7 Fiona May 5, 2009 at 9:19 pm

      aww thanks nyss!
      yeah i liked the pink color too but it’s not the length i want.
      belum dapat date lagi lah *kesian* hahaha

  5. 8 Nyss May 7, 2009 at 8:26 am

    you’re welcome =)
    owhh..hahah..yeaaa..it’d look really nice if it was long
    awww..you don’t HAVE to go with a date..
    but is there anyone you wanna go with, specifically?

    • 9 Fiona May 7, 2009 at 10:21 pm

      yeah my friends said ‘you don’t have to go with a date. we’ll still have fun’.
      nope, not really anyone in particular. just though it would complete the experience if i were to go with a guy as my date.

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