First and Last American Prom

15th of May, 2009

my first and last american prom

theme: dancing in the moonlight


prom was awesome and i really had fun because for once i truly enjoyed myself and was totally comfortable with the whole environment, the dance floor, the people, myself mostly. the DJ kicked ass! he was the bomb haha, absolutely great great music. i danced while the night lasted and when it all came to an end, i smiled for a very long time.

it would have been better if i went with a date or maybe my boyfriend(that is if i had one). but it’s alright. maybe next time with someone else. all i know is my american prom is a night to remember.

so, a few days before prom i rehearsed my makeup and hair which i was quite reluctant to, but given that i wanna save money and not wanna end up looking like a disaster at prom, i had to not be a lazy ass. so, with the help of youtube and the internet, the newbie me tried to put on full coverage makeup. you know the whole package; foundation, eyeshadow, blush, mascara, falsies and gloss. sounds easy but trust me it isn’t. my sis and bestie would know this is completely true. i am not exaggerating.


as you can see i tried brown eyeshadow on one eye and light blue on the other. was trying to decide which would complement my eye colour and dress to make both ‘pop’. and you know i’m very indecisive too especially when it comes to petty things like this.


and then i experimented if it would be cool to enhance my eye makeup with blue eyeshadow on my bottom lid.


i suddenly realized oops my dress is white you smart ass. so i cleverly took my white shirt to ‘fake’ my dress. too troublesome to put it on especially since it’s off white and long, plus it has no zip. nah ah… i’ll save the dress for the day itself.


omg speaking of hair. i tried so many kind of hairstyles. firstly, i curled my thick and long hair which took me about one hour and then i played around with it. put it up, pull it down, sideways this that. and especially since i have a square and big face, i look ridiculous with all my hair up. but if i let it down, my beautiful earring wouldn’t be visible. see? decisions decisions.


it’s a little blur cos i forgot to snap with flash. anyway, i tried having it all down too.


okay this picture is misleading. i’m not actually that fair, it’s the natural lighting cos i’m near the window and my hair is suppose to be black but somehow it doesn’t seem like it here. anyway, i kinda got fed up and just asked my dad’s opinion. he said he liked this one so i ended up with something quite similar.


oh yeah and i also tried on falsies, two different types. took a few tries to successfully put them on cos all this while when i had them on for performances, my sis did them for me. aww. the more i stare, i look like a perverted goldfish who is sadly not gold in this picture.


i know i look stoned haha. so it was friday and i signed myself out cos i’m 18 now so i can do that. most of the girls were dismissed either by themselves or by their parent at 12-ish too. they had appointments for manicure, pedicure, hair and makeup while i rode home with norma. i went to my room and quickly did my toenails and fingernails. waited for them to dry and then started doing my eye makeup as you can see in this picture i’m wearing my pajamas which my sis has too! then i curled my hair and put on my dress followed by my $10 4 inch heels and then continued doing the rest of my hair.


i did my own hair! a lil messy but i like it.


are you proud of me b2? lol


i love my heels!


since i don’t have a date, my host parents bought a corsage for me. how sweet. and this is the clutch i borrowed from my host mum. classic looking black clutch.


took a picture with bill before leaving for norma’s house cos she will be driving me to prom. it was so ‘buggy’ cos it’s spring and all these black flies were buzzing around i didn’t bother to stand straight. i hate flies!!!


on the way to prom. i had no idea how was it going to turn out cos usually in malaysia when we have parties/formal event, we have loads of food, big round tables and performances to watch. when i asked my friends, they all said “well, you just talk, take photos and dance”. and i was like “no food?”


ready, all set for the night.


my mum asked why take pictures under the pine tree? haha, well everyone takes a photo or shall i say photos preferably with greenery in the background. i think it’s cos it makes everyone pop. unless you wear green, but then it’ll complement your dress. and it’s kinda like tradition. to be honest, i don’t really know why.


us girls. five different colours. i was the only white that night. yeah i thought so cos white is usually reserved for weddings. but i like white colour hehe.


with velvet. aww she’s so sweet looking.


brittany laine jones, BLJ! she’s really pretty and has a great fashion sense!


kelsea with her elegant blue dress.


behind the scenes. hahaha this is a must type of picture for outings. for girls at least.


skye hernandez, tanya simpson, alie morrell, norma leiva, brittany leville, fiona gan and kelsea degrandpre.


prom princess in aqua blue. she does look like a princess that day with her mini ball gown!


skye and josh. they are the sweetest couple. and they match so well too. girls pick out their dresses and all the guys do is match their vest to the girl’s dress. aww they’re so cute together.


fritz and his girlfriend danielle who is only a freshman. fritz is from germany and has gotten himself a girlfriend here.

so cutee.


us again.


and then people started flooding the dance floor while i headed for food cos i was extremely hungry!


attempt 1=epic fail


attempt 2=successful


lindsay oosterman! she’s awesome :)


1,2,3 click!


with brittany who’s a junior this year.


kayla and liz together. pink is so cute on her.


chris O.


work it baby!


err not quite sure when this was again but we were warming up sometime in the beginning of the night.


melisa steadman who always waves at me in school haha.

DSC00164_1536x1152 copy

then they played slow songs and you see people leaving the dance floor and i was one of them. and few people sitting at the tables pathetically and i was one of them. it was kinda sad for a moment you know not having a date/boyfriend and all and the song didn’t help at all. then greg came up to me and asked me for a dance.


here, he was showing me how to slow dance and it was kinda difficult as he was way taller but we were just getting started. and then later on after i got comfortable, it was great. the whole time i stepped on top of his shoes. so basically, who’s dancing? lol…my mummy used to do that to me too awww


oops my bad.


what in the world? haha


alie aka rolie polie olie!


with nicole. blue was a pretty popular colour.


and of course we went to he bathroom more than once.


i don’t feel short when i’m with alie hahahaha. she’s tiny!


kayla olivia ray! i’m gonna miss you too.


i like the effect of glowing lights and couples dancing.


prom prince, prom princess, prom king and prom queen.


what do you think of my dress?


ladies, let’s dance.


hisham is going home this sunday!


greg lives on the moon haha, just a joke. but he never fails to laugh for like every single day. ‘living the moment’ like what we learned in english ‘carpe diem’ haha.


we were having so much fun. normz looked so pretty that night!


skye and alie are sisters! this picture is cute too!


lol, some awkward dance moves.


the three musketeers? the three blind mice?


i think this was taken during one of the slow dances. poor normz was so sad looking i was worried she’s gonna tear up. but it’s okay, she has a bf now. woahh haha.


laurianne labelle, she has the most beautiful name ever. i can’t remember the rest. she told us once during psychology class when we were discussing about dreams.


everyone agreed prom this year was a blast much better than last year. i am glad!


girls staring at the dance floor.


greg changed the mode on the camera so it turned out like this. but the night ended with a slow number and it was sweet. some of the songs they played throughout the night which i could still recall are don’t stop believing, everytime we touch, you and me, pokerface, right round and etc. and then we were suppose to go to denny’s for after prom party but normz went with her friend to party and somehow she drove to the wrong place so her friend ended up bringing me home since it’s too late to get to denny’s and i didn’t feel like joining them for their party. it was almost 1 am when i got home. freakin exhausted but still managed to camwhore a whole lot. i was so proud of myself for successfully doing my makeup nicely and everything else! hahaha *pats self*


just a small town girl…


it goes on and on and on and on…


i love my bracelet!


girls will be girls.


photoshopped. i look fat but i like the colours!

DSC00307_1536x1152 copy

black and white is such a classic.


okay, you must be getting bored by now so a big smile for you!


photoshopped the contrast and colour balance.


i know by now you must be thinking i’m vain. yes, i can be sometimes especially when i am all dressed up.


told you my face is super big. haha.


clean cut look?

DSC00341_1536x1152 copy

solarized side view.


like the cloud, you drift me away.


edited with extreme contrast and curves.


when i see you i run out of words to say…someday

DSC00368_1536x1152 copy

okay i know i camwhored like there’s no tomorrow but this is my first and last!

DSC00411_1536x1152 copy2

can you see the happiness through my eyes?


chickenpox scar! *frowns*


-last picture of the night, that’s it!-

SDC11187 copy

-spring 2009-


8 Responses to “First and Last American Prom”

  1. 1 Felicia June 6, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    oh camwhored soo much! awesome pic btw..something to remember..unlike the prom here! no dance…darn!!!

  2. 3 Kai Xin June 6, 2009 at 9:25 pm

    prom in america fun than malaysias’?

  3. 5 AmeliaPhua June 11, 2009 at 5:45 am

    you look AWESOME, babe!!
    i love your heels man..
    its so damn elegant..
    maybe its da angle u took it from.. (shrugs)
    love your bangle too and your makeup..
    tho i’ve gotta say i’m not a big fan of da hair, big hair has never been my thing..
    but u look gorgeous nonetheless and i’m happy u had a lot of fun..
    did i mention you look awesome??
    yea, you seriously do man..
    patut la get to dance with prom king.. =P
    prom here sucks like crap..
    btw, i went to HELP today n asked them abt ADP stuff, still not sure where i’m gonna go to do my ADP, but i’m they assured me dat if i enroll aug 09 (not sure whether it applies to HELP only or everywhere), i’ll be in AMERICA in sep 10!!!!
    damn surreal, rite?

    love u loads.. =)

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