Throughout the years we shared, I couldn’t ask for more. She was a good friend and still is. We are besties despite all the differences between us. Like she said, could we be anymore different? I guess we could. We live different lives with different goals in life. She is an Atheist . I’m a Buddhist. She likes short hair. I prefer long. She hates Biology while I like it. In school, we participate in very different activities. Despite not sharing all the time in school and being so different in so many ways we bonded very well. I guess we know, that in a heartbeat, we are one. Maybe this might be the end, maybe it won’t. We’ll never know. Only time will tell. As for her, I’m excited for her fresh start with a new circle of friends, away from all the familiarity and her family. Free to choose what she wants. Free to be who she wants to be. As always, we’d lead very different paths, and the future won’t be any different. But, one thing’s for sure she’ll always be my bestie. I’m also always just a phone call away. She has influenced me in many ways into who I am today. I am a lucky girl to have her as my best friend. I am contented and I hope she is. No matter what happens, I hope I’ll always be that lil’ voice ringing in her head.


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