hmm i think the week is passing by very quickly. if i shall say so, don’t you think? or perhaps by saying that it is, it actually will. *laughs* anyway, i only have two classes tomorrow which is precisely why wednesdays and fridays are my favourite! there’s also this child development psychology club thingy that’s having its AGM tomorrow so i think i’ll probably be attending it. i’m not sure if i should since i joined quite a few clubs already but i’ll just go and check it out. good idea?

err i don’t know what else to say cause nothing much happened except that classes are okay. trying to love the subjects even more so that they’ll love me too and give me an A. lol. i’m joking! exams are in 3 months and i think it’s good to start studying now. you know this whole thing is so new, so…

october is coming! and i can hardly believe that we’re entering the last few months of the year! seriously, it really flew by this year. maybe because i wasn’t here for the first half. but, really. october and november is gonna be crazy with malaysian studies and moral studies cos then i’ll have classes straight from 8am to 7pm! without breaks in between, oh noesssss. sigh, two whole months of that crap.


"I went to the brink many times. A couple of times I thought
'I'm gone. This is it.' But then you would just keep working.
I think if you're close to the brink and just make sure that
you work twice as hard and put twice as much effort into
everything and the people around you and everything, you
should come through."

-- Gerry Harvey--


1 Response to “Tomorrows”

  1. 1 Elaine October 1, 2009 at 1:24 am

    Hi, dropping by..

    Nice camwhore shots! :)

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