Blink Blink

i don’t know why exactly. i’ve been thinking quite a bit, maybe a little too much. i don’t do it on purpose though, it just happens. have no clue, but i just can’t seem to get those questions out of my head. they may sound trivial but i think life is fundamentally made out of these. sometimes they visit and sometimes they just vanish like that. poof, gone.

blink, open, blink. all i see is darkness. i lay there alone. the air is somewhat still. my mind is not. it’s time to sleep but i close my eyes and see myself far out there. the water is crystal clear and i feel the sand tickling my toes. so dry, so natural, so untouched. if only my mind could be like that. i feel the breeze. i stare into open space that went on and on and on…it’s so blue it’s blinding me. i think of nothing. i’m hanging on though sometimes i feel like i’m falling apart.

it’s just a feeling. maybe it’s all part of growing up. questioning yourself and the things you do. is this what i really want? what is happiness? what do i really need? who do i want to become? what do i do? this year i have done more thinking than i have in the past years. it’s not a bad thing too. it’s just that, the more you weave your way out of the web, the more tangled you get yourself into.

i guess time is the answer.

and i smile because i know they care about me. i do, too.



1 Response to “Blink Blink”

  1. 1 kai xin November 17, 2009 at 12:31 am

    how can ur english be that good?

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