Little Blue Birdie

i want to get it out across, so many things. yet, i don’t know where to start and what to start out with. somehow, somewhere inside i feel compelled to let it all out. i tend to keep things to myself for the saying goes, trust no one but yourself. sometimes, i find this rather ironic. sometimes contradictory. because sometimes, we tend to lie to ourselves. lies. perhaps we are all living a lie. a lie so much lied about that it becomes real. could our existence be a mere illusion? what if you wake up one day and see the truth. hear the silence. taste the real. what would become of us?

humanity is losing it. do you still believe in love. where is it?

seeing is believing. but sometimes what we see may not be the truth.

i sometimes imagine myself to be a birdie. such bliss it must be to fly freely up in the vast endless sky. up above, so blue. so calming. so eternal and yet i can only imagine it to be. i sometimes fancy if it was me.

i stare without a direction, fingers moving back and forth between letters and backspace. why this hesitation?

why this confusion?

sometimes, it doesn’t matter really.

all an illusion.

love thyself and thou shalt be loved.

i am so lonely.

an am not a fishoutofwater.

today, i am the birdie.


1 Response to “Little Blue Birdie”

  1. 1 kai xin December 1, 2009 at 1:10 am

    u’re my dictionary
    use all the bombastic words >.<

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