everyday we rise and do the same. everyday we rise and set. like the sun, it rises and sets. day after day and tomorrow still. is it different each time? strive for progress is human nature to simply assume. yet can there be progression without regression in other ways? are we even the same person after each conversation? then it depends on how much is extracted from that tiny bit. do you believe that a thought can last a lifetime? i choose to live in memories and cherish the past, rejoice in the present. sometimes, there has to be a limit to everything. we can be free in our thoughts and mind but reality is, there is always an end to something. sometimes, you just have to give up and stop dreaming. be real and practical, open your eyes and your heart. search for what you lack but  look, and grasp what you have with you. acceptance, contentment, fulfillment. the key is believing. conviction within yourself. if you believe you can, you already won half the battle. thoughts jumble like a puzzle and they do not seem to fit. but they’re all there. and they belong the same.

i look up and ahead. a row of lights remain there. with every blink, there seem to be a ray. all glowing like the road ahead. long and sure. so many stops. and detours. the things that i will do and the people that i shall meet. the person that i will become and the life that i will have. and i determine it all. can i really do it well and not screw anything up? i’ve always lived by doing the right thing. eating the right food. thinking right. feeling right. and being right. i’m afraid at times that things won’t be right at all times and i’m so used to have nothing go wrong that when it really does, i will feel so lost. it has yet to occur but the woman i love most tells me people make mistakes. we all will. sometimes, we all are mistakes. haha. but we get up and learn. we bounce back. and i shall live by that. after all what are detours for. i shall not be afraid to try. holding back too much can be suffocating. having said so, at this point i have not anything to decide upon. and if there ever is, i will always be that brave lil’ girl. some of us are afraid of growing up. i think i’m learning.

love you all.

life is a mystery.


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