Of Food and Smiles

gahhhh. exams are a killer. ohhh why why why. anyway, unexpected things do  happen but it’s unfortunate that the level of questions were different compared to past years. after chem paper, we were so stressed out that us girls decided to go for a massage in uptown. i was about to head home but decided to join em’ since my day was pretty much fouled by the mistaken chem. arghhh. so foolish. can’t take it any further, so yeah. here comes food. and being piggish.

so, kahshin drove mel and me to bangsar village as she craved for her edamame. however, it was out of stock that day. how saaaaaaaaaaaaad. she couldn’t accept the fact that it’s unavailable and wondered if it’s possible for her to buy a packet of frozen ones and send them to the kitchen to prepare. talk about spontaneity!

then mel suggested we have san terri for dessert! according to jian, it’s really nice. the deal for the day is that we shall explore food and not worry about anything. it’s a free night! or at least so we declared.

i had green tea cake! so-called bestseller. yum! definitely worth it, texture is nice, not too sweet though the flavour of the green tea is a little overwhelmed by the cream. nevertheless, still good for me.

look at their faces. bliss and orgasmic. hahahaha. i am unfortunately cropped out. all kahshin’s fault. lol.

and then guess what? we headed to jalan alor from bangsar with the help of mel’s gps and a walking gps. arrived in like ten to fifteen minutes. tried to find the eating spot. found it and we were looking left and right, amazed at the amount of food available at our disposal. well, errr not really.

grilled fish at jalan alor. not the best but still alright. fish is fresh, that’s good. but we waited for so long for it to be served. mel was about to scream. hahaha.

wong ah wah bbq chicken wings. much awaited! and results? i think it’s yummylicious though kinda oily. but yeah, it’s bbq chicken wings, how else can it be? mel was the winner, fastest and cleanest. and i’m obviously the loser, with the wing flying away from the plate. lol. i’m terrible at these.

and this made my day. a gift i shall always remember. at the end of the day, we’re all simple, simple people. regardless of the amount of chromosomes or how different we all are. we’re just one.

a free night indeed. thanks guys.


1 Response to “Of Food and Smiles”

  1. 1 kahshin January 17, 2010 at 2:53 am

    and that is not all, after the massagw we had apam balik and others. og goshh, is was a fun fun fun night.. those laughter wash away our frowns, those food fill up my empty heart. I spend like 100 over bucks that night, and now, red alert..!!, no petrol.. oh well…….

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