I’d Whisper and Tell You This

this is not a surprise. as soon as i feel it, i have to put it down.

if i  may treat it like a butterfly, i’d capture it with a net and gaze at its beauty and originality.

each, so different; original.

it’s always on nights like these that i stumble upon meanings and feelings

on the paths we have to cross in this life of ours.

no one else knows, i do.

there are so many things on my mind,

but they all belong the same.

they stem from within,

they belong to the future.

i go back a few years and visit my thoughts and ideas,

they bring a smile to  my face.

how i have grown.

some things remain, i’m still ever

demanding, determined and not deterred.

not easily swayed. though i’m tender, sweet and gentle

it’s like fire burning within calm water.

i think it’s a good thing. nothing is ever just black or white.

somehow, this is random but we’ll never be ready for anything

in life, don’t you think?

i may be wrong and i used to wonder why

do we have to have another half in our life?

then i realized because we aren’t complete,

we’re never perfect if we were alone

if you see it, it’s everywhere, the gaps between your fingers

they are meant to be filled in with another

these thoughts may sound naive,

i think they are but isn’t love all-knowing?

so isn’t there some naiveté in being all-knowing?

but most of all, i know now why people sing of the other half,

why they sing of love so often,

for many years my childhood question hasn’t been answered,

i think it has now.

i am finally ready.

ready to love another.

finally, it hit me

like the very thing which hit me, i can’t explain.


do we even begin to define this?


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