Lunch. Meditation. USA.

Oats for lunch yummm! Woke up and checked my e-mail. YES! TOEFL waived for W&L thank god! Now I have to e-mail the rest :) What else is new? Hmm I found a new sanctuary to escape the worries and complexities of the everyday life. Meditation, mantras and chants! Though I’m not extremely knowledgeable about them, they bring me comfort and a sense of peace and tranquility, all of which I really appreciate and enjoy. They open my heart and allow me to be generous with my thoughts and words. Sure, I’m not monetarily rich but I believe I am in other ways. I know myself. Thank God too.

I look at my calendar and there are so many dates which benchmark stuff. SAT results. Coursework 2nd draft. SAT subject tests. Supplementary stuff. English Leadership Camp. More essays and research on colleges. December, one final test date. Hopefully I won’t need it but who am I kidding? I would if I have to. I would do anything to just get my butt in. I want it thisss bad. I’m aware that some of the schools I’m applying to are planning on decreasing % of admittance rate which is already very low. Plus liberal arts colleges are extremely selective in the US, for those who don’t know I doubt they will understand the intensity of these applications. But, we all have our worries and things to look ahead of ourselves.

So, to all of us, Good Luck and All the Best!



2 Responses to “Lunch. Meditation. USA.”

  1. 1 Tyng October 23, 2010 at 2:48 am

    Weee! awesome to know that you meditate and do mantras too! i find the same, the peace and joy, learning to see things as they are :) all the best with getting in liberal arts colleges!

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