Looking Ahead, Looking Back

in time to come, i know i’ll look back at these old posts of mine and smile at whatever it is that is evoked from it. there is a soothing calmness to blogging, somehow it feels personal to be able to look at your own words in the future and be able to relate to how you feel at that moment in time.

i don’t blog for popularity, heck i’ll fail miserably at that. i don’t blog about food; i don’t know enough and suffice to say i’m far from being picky to critique well. i don’t blog about fashion; i don’t even own anything remotely branded neither do i shop a lot though i must admit i would love it. i don’t blog about politics though i must say, they are incredibly interesting and worthy of a post. i don’t blog about places to see, well of course i haven’t been to places so how could i even talk about them with accuracy and a personal touch?

so what do i blog about? i like to think that i mostly blog for myself. i blog about feelings. perhaps not immediately understood by anyone who chance upon this but most importantly provide profound insights pertinent to myself at this moment in time.


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