Few Rants

It’s been such a long time since I last posted. Heck, I even missed the correct timing to post a ‘my 2010’ post on the last day of 2010. This year’s new year kinda sucks since I spent it in the dengue ward with my family. I wasn’t admitted since my platelet count didn’t drop as drastically as my father’s.but still the doctors I’ve seen all seem to think that I have dengue fever, another doctor friend of mine said it might be viral infection. I have no idea what it exactly is but all I know is that whatever it may be, it has caused me lots of ache, trouble and time wasted. Why? Because having to test blood for 9 times ain’t fun, waiting for results and your name to be called while you’re backbone is breaking and head pulsating for 6 hours is not my expected way of spending my time back home. Thanks to mum and my sis during my 40degrees fever and dad for massaging my head with lime oil when I cried of pain, I really appreciate the care I received. Also, I feel really thankful for the well wishes from my friends who texted and called, at least I feel warm at heart. Oh well,it’s all over now but I will never forget the amount of 100plus, coconut juice,guava juice,orange juice,red date soup,crab soup,bitter gourd spring chicken soup and paracetamols! Of course if one day I get to be a doctor, I promise I’ll always treat my patients with a gentle voice, caring smile,visible handwriting and most of all, take blood properly! Thanks to the lousy male medical asst, my left arm still hurts today when I carried grocery down the hill but thank god for my lovely sis who’s with me now,she is quite helpful so far. At least while I’m here to complete my finals I have someone to argue with, whine and complain to! Okay,back to revising maths :(


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