Present vs Future

entered the examination hall with very little anxiety. don’t know why, perhaps due to feeling sickly from previous night or sleeping for more hours than i usually do but i guess it does help in concentrating since i feel more calm. can’t say it’s easy peasy nor is it challenging. i would never declare any exam papers to be a piece of cake. that’s cause even a piece of cake is not that easy to be made. others might not view it this way but hey i’m an aquarian and i am known to have a eclectic view of life in general. haha, whatever.

made abc soup today with less salt and zero sugar. yumms with extra carrots, potatoes, chicken breast meat and two drumsticks. a whole pot for the two of us. hehe, sis gave me a thumbs up. perhaps it’s a positive indicator of being a good future housewife! lol, well that is if i get married in the first place. or even if i don’t, i plan to wear the wedding gown just for photography purposes. seriously, that’s a once in a lifetime must for every girl out there!

there are so many things going on in my mind right now and to think that it’s life changing is not even a hyperbole. it might almost be an understatement. oh well, what’s a girl to do?

one thing that i find ironic and quite saddening is that we are always living for the future, doing things for the future, saving for the future and planning for the future. what about our present?


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