it’s a little past noon. a rather unusual time for me to be sitting here and typing this. i usually pop in and type a few words, pour out some feelings here and there in the middle of the night and sometimes even in the wee hours of the morning.

i just prefer it that way. i guess solitude really clarifies.

i can’t write in a cluttered environment.

i like the lake, the beach, the waterfall, the skies, a green wide open space accompanied with nice music. and by nice i mean slow, melodic, pleasing to the ears and meaningful lyrics. i don’t really know why  but i guess somethings could be innate. perhaps it has something to do with personality and upbringing or whatsoever, i wouldn’t really know unless i do some in depth research on it which i have no intention to at the moment. many things interest me. but they all don’t interest me in the same way. kind of like i have a different compartment for each liking. weird. but that’s almost how i feel. i love a few things. i don’t love easily. i don’t know. am i a difficult person? no. yes. sometimes, maybe?

you see. i am not. but, i can be. only if i want to. so i’m a little of both. a bit of a realist and idealist. a dreamer and a doer. how? i love both black and white too. hahaha. i’m driving myself nuts writing this, thinking….”what? are you going to love and hate the same person in the future?” well, i wouldn’t rule that out, after all life is made out of opposites; pull and push; success and failure; good and evil; male and female. but hey! there’s always something in between which may be worth exploring. think about it. between love and hate, isn’t there a huge space in between?

my apologies, i don’t know if i’m even making any sense at all. but it’s worth noting that opposites aren’t always a negative thing. and how did i even get here? anyhow, here goes my random thought on a thursday noon before having lunch. my first pre-lunch blog post.

hahahahaha, lame i know.


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