Long Overdue

a sudden impulse to write led me here.

sometimes, it feels like an itch lying around somewhere but not knowing exactly where it is.

so, here i am after itching for thus long, sitting cross-legged facing this 14″ wide-screen laptop typing albeit quite slowly. why did it take me this long? what’s with the hiatus for 5 months?

looking at my posts; wrote a few in january and then june and now it’s november?!

so, let’s see…so many things have happened. in so  many different and unexpected ways. in all seriousness, although i find myself repeating this very too often in my mind, things really have taken a spin in the opposite direction.

i thought i was going to go abroad for studies. well, guess what? i’m very much grounded and pursuing my degree locally.

i thought of working part-time at an office doing administrative work. but, guess what? i ended up working with lovely kids at a kindergarten!

i thought i was going to read medicine/psychology at some point and guess what? daaaang…i’m in banking & finance now :)

“I guess God has better plans for me.” that’s what people always say when they meet with drastic changes.

lastly, i thought i was going to enter uni and enjoy campus life as well as meet ‘someone’. but, guess what, no surprise…i met someone way before entering uni. well, not way before i should say just before!

it’s a wonder how things turned out. and a beautiful one at that. right now, life is great.

i am happy as can be and i can’t ask for more. but, as they always say; the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. so holding on to that phrase, i will march forward with great optimism, a dash of realism and always with idealism. fingers crossed. will talk more in the coming posts :) see you soon guys! thanks for reading, i’m off to bed now!


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