The Dragon Is Here

so, at present it’s the year of 2012.

the year that the dragon will unleash its fury?

well, we all don’t know. only god knows. i don’t want to know either. i shall let this lunar year mark the first of 2012 and remind myself to be more patient, tolerant, understanding and less sensitive. perhaps, the best hypothesis of the year would be the lesser the expectations, the lesser the disappointments, that being said the control variable should remain a secret. haha!

my nails are freshly painted, but what else is fresh?

i was just thinking, and yes i know over thinking causes problems that don’t exist in the first place. so…i was just thinking about how everyone is busy ushering in the first day of the lunar calendar. they deck out in brand new clothing, don on their best apparels and put on the brightest smiles. surely, you must have done that? somehow, there’s a certain monotony to this whole occasion, which must be the reason why they call it tradition.

i am not sure why exactly, but i am not feeling the atmosphere. yet.

i guess i shouldn’t be blaming the occasion. it’s more of that monthly timing,


if only i could be a switch, turn on and turn off in just a few seconds. i don’t know…i just feel far…far…away, from this realm of existence. i guess everyone just wants to feel needed, feel special.

Happy Dragon Year everyone and may the new year shower you with opportunities and blessings in any way they should appear!


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