Beating Heart. Blinking Cursor.

i have no point to make.

i’m doing this in a stream of consciousness kind of way. there are so many types of people in this world. i realize it is a very obvious fact which i should have been aware of from much earlier on.

but, as long as it took, it finally hit me that the world is really, indeed populated by very different individuals. and sometimes, in a rare moment of silence, our differences really amaze me.

wouldn’t the world be a much better, easier place if all of us behaved the same way?

le sigh…i know good things don’t come easy, but why must beautiful things be difficult?

so that beauty is then, more highly cherished?

my heart beats like the cursor that blinks. in continuity, there is security.

you know the cursor will continue blinking, even if it’s gone for that one split of a second.

but life doesn’t happen that way. it is unpredictable at the very least.

so, in all given fairness, how would you be able to know that this…is the best, that this is right? well, i don’t know. we won’t either. but what is wrong with wrong? i think society has conditioned us to an extent that we fear being wrong, making the wrong choices…

but for the first time, i shall proclaim, there is no right or wrong, no mistakes, should haves or regrets. at the very least, life isn’t meant to be spent that way. every second passed is a second closer to the bed of eternity, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

make Life worth it, for it can only be as much as you make out if it.

it’s up to you. You.


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