The First

it always occurred to me that i had said a lot about him. in reality, i have not. yes, i did say a lot but, only within the warmth of my heart. somehow, it feels as if it’s overflowing now, so it deserves its very own space here. after all, this is my first relationship and in a little more than 3 weeks, we would have been together for a year. i feel happy as it seems like an accomplishment to reach the 365 days mark but numbers are numbers at the end of the day. and it isn’t me alone who made it work anyway.

if anything, he is the one whom i am truly and always grateful for. i still remember how i would stumble across quotes on relationships before i met him. and they all read somewhere along the lines of ‘good things are worth waiting for’ or ‘when you least expect it, love will come knockin’ on your door’. well, it didn’t really knock on my door but it’s true. it happened when i least expected it to. in the most unexpected way at the most unexpected place. love happens. of course, it didn’t just happen like magic tricks. no, far from that. but, magical it did feel.

it’s always best to go into relationships without expectations and i’m glad i did that. i only hoped to be happy which was the easiest thing that happened all the time, without the need to even think about it. for the first time, i felt happy in a different way. not from winning competitions or scoring high grades. but from a mere phone call, and a simple hello. or even a smiley that winked. to this day, i have no idea why and how it happened though. but, what remains with me is the sweetness and the warmth from all that lovely feeling. almost as if all the birds in the world are chirping for me, the sun is shining brightly without burning, the waves are rolling with happiness and i am in the embrace of love.

i don’t need anyone to feel the way i felt. in fact, i am merely expressing a fraction of that feeling to be savoured in times to come. really, it was one of those days you’ll never forget.

i think the first step in loving is believing. even though i knew nothing, i had faith and i wanted to believe. if he loves you back, it’s all worth it. it was a leap, one very well worth the wait. i look down the road, nothing is certain, i don’t want to ask for much either.

after all…

love…well, love is just love.

i am afraid to do so. as i’ve written a year ago, i will say the same thing this time. everything is still the same, except that i love you more and more with each sunrise!


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